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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

NAA's mission is to become the region's supplier of choice for quality-and delivery-critical contract manufacturing, assembly and associated logistical services. We will succeed by consistently meeting the needs of our customers more effectively and economically than our competition.


Strong values are an integral part of NAA's business. Our values are the fundamental principles that guide our actions every day.

Citizenship requires giving back to the communities where we do business, both as a company and as individuals through involvement in civic and charitable activities.

Employee Involvement is critical to achieving the company's goals. Success comes from taking advantage of the knowledge, imagination and energy of people throughout the organization.

Financial Strength is the foundation for all that we do. We are committed to creating value for our employees, customers and investors.

Integrity is a personal commitment. It must be reaffirmed every day - in job function and through every customer served.

Mentoring involves coaching, challenging and problem solving assistance. NAA's management team is mentored with well-developed performance metrics.

Meritocracy is creating opportunities for the best people to grow and live their dreams.

Teamwork is the way we pursue our business strategies, sharing ideas and resources, focused on the customer and not organizational boundaries.